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To allow dental practices to open

Pandora Dental Guidance and Support represents many of the UK & Eire’s leading independent dental practices.

Founded in recognition of the need for evidence based best practice and guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our mission is to offer guidance and support for general and specialist dental practitioners at every stage of their career. To support and assist our patients gain access to the highest standards of care.

We provide information and feedback from our highly experienced primary care dental clinicians to support the key policy and decision makers in UK dentistry. 

Membership Services


Advice and forums on career pathways


Marketing advice and strategies for career progression in private dentistry


Resources to support optimal evidence-based standards in clinical practice


Guidance and links for financial advice


Buyers’ resources and access to best value equipment and materials


Plus so much more…

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Standard Operating Procedures

We have formulated a premier set of Standard Operating Procedures to safe guard our patients and the dental team. We offer process based audit trails, risk assessments and guidance on patient informed consent documentation.

“I have been in dentistry for many years. This is the first time I have felt that there is a very professional, moral, and philosophical supportive group of colleagues and friends, working selflessly together for mutual benefit – no egos at all.”

Charlie Ferber


Benefits to Dentists

Assurance of “gold standard” procedures and protocols 

Ready to implement

Advice and guidance on the procurement of PPE 

Further to recent international shortage

Purchase savings

Buying in bulk as a group to facilitate discounts

Knowledge and implementation of clean air systems

To protect dental staff and patients

Proactive help, guidance and assurance

In many areas of dentistry (marketing, communication, working protocols, etc)

Networking comfortably with eminent dentists

for advice and valuable top tips

Informative webinars for the development of a thriving practice

Knowledge, at your convenience.


Skilled and highly trained dentists with decades of experience in private practice


Dentists with their own training academies


Dentists who have appeared on national TV and within the media


Dentists that are experienced and successful in social media marketing

What Our Members Say

I am particularly grateful for being a member of Pandora DGAS as we have formed research groups which have done all the hard work into looking at clean air systems, PPE, SOP, etc all evidence based. As a result, we have ordered over 160 units for our members at a preferential price – reassuring that we will have state-of-the-art technology and clean air for the safety of our patients and our staff, and also cut down the inter-appointment times to a few minutes only!

Future plans and goals

Beyond the COVID-19 crisis, we intend to continue our mission to protect and inform the public, support dentists, and develop resources and essential revised dental practice guidance/systems.

We will host a rolling programme of unique and inspirational education webinars, plus offer representation and assistance for dentists in all fields of clinical practice. 

Dr Mark Cronshaw 


Dr Tasleem Ahmed


Dr Robin Horton


Dr Jeremy Bliss 

Legal Affairs

Dr Cohan Rajan

Research Director

Dr Lynda Raybould

Research Director

Dr Ashish B Parmar

Media Affairs

Dr Charles Ferber

Media Affairs


Whether you are in media, or a private dentist that wants to benefit from association with Pandora Dental Guidance and Support, please get in touch.    


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